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About Us

Merlin has always loved horses. As a little boy, he started out farming with his dad with a team of Shire draft horses. He learned how to harness and drive a team at a young age and has loved to be with the horses ever since.  He has owned his own teams for over thirty years and has continued the family draft horse tradition as he has taught his own son and grandson how to work with a team.

Since he sold his dairy herd a few years ago, Merlin has spent some of his winter hours in his shop pursuing another interest – constructing replicas of vehicles from the 1800’s.  He has built several handcarts, two chuck wagons, a covered wagon, and, with the help of some friends, a funeral hearse.

Through the years he has enjoyed collecting old horse-drawn machinery and has the equipment that was used to raise hay, grain, beets, and potatoes using horses. He also has collected and is working on restoring several old wagons including Blackfoot’s last horse-drawn school bus.

We have had so much fun as a family with our horses and everything connected with them that we decided to offer an opportunity for other people to enjoy them with us and experience a part of life from the past. We have several different wagons and a carriage you can choose from to take a ride along the river or around the mile here at the farm as well as handcarts available for you to take a short trek here near the farm or to rent out for your own activities.  We also offer a farm tour where you can see and learn about the old equipment and other relics from the past. It has been a lot of fun for us. We think you will enjoy it too!