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Handcart Rentals

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M-M has 20 handcarts available for family or church groups to rent for handcart treks.


Each handcart is modeled after the handcarts used by the Mormon pioneers in their westward trek. The box size is about 46 inches square and 11 inches deep. The carts are on 49 inch wheels.


If you are looking to experience an outdoor adventure that leaves an impression…a handcart trek is for you.



We have added more handcarts so we currently have 20 handcarts available for rent.  They are available to pick up here at the farm to use for group events, family reunions, or a fun night with your family.

You can also use them here on site. There are trek packages available that include a half mile trek here on the farm or two to three mile treks along the river.

If you just need a handcart to enhance a display, etc. the rentals are an affordable option.

Handcarts need to be handled with care. Please review the attached rules with your group before using them

Handcart Rental Information for Church Groups

Handcart Rental Information for Family Groups