M-M Handcarts and Wagons

Experience the Past



Wagon & Carriage Rides

Wagon Rides (from the farm)

  •  $50.00 (up to 14 people)

Carriage rides (from the farm)

  •  $50.00 (up to 6-9 people)

The wagons and carriage are available for off-farm rentals for family and business group activities. These packages are at an hourly rate of $75.00 with an additional mileage charge. Call for details.

Handcart Rentals

Mini-treks from the farm – $25.00 per cart. Additional fees for add-ons. Call for details.

If you rent them to use away from the farm, the rate is $25.00 per cart, per day. You are responsible to transport them.

Farm Tour

Individual rate – $5.00
Family rate – $10.00
Group rate – $15.00

Dutch Oven Dinner Package
(with a minimum of 20 at adult price)

This package includes a Dutch oven dinner as well as a wagon ride and farm tour.

$12. 50 per person

$10 kids 3-11

2 and under free

Call for other available options.